United States
October 3, 2023

Austal USA cuts aluminum on final Navy Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF)

MOBILE, Ala. – Members of Austal USA’s EPF team and representatives of the Navy’s Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Gulf Coast were present in Austal’s module manufacturing facility to watch the router begin cutting aluminum for the U.S. Navy’s final Expeditionary Fast Transport, EPF 16.  This is the third EPF Flight II ship built by Austal USA in Mobile, and the 16th EPF contracted to Austal USA by the Navy. 

"Austal USA is proud of the accomplishments of the shipbuilders that have worked on the EPF program and made it such a successful shipbuilding program – both from an acquisition perspective and an operational perspective,” said Dave Growden, vice president of new construction. “The EPF is an important component of the Navy's fleet and provides the ability to rapidly deploy military personnel and equipment around the world. The program has been successful in delivering ships on-time and on-budget, and Austal USA is committed to continuing this trend with future deliveries.” 

EPF Flight II provides a Role 2E (enhanced) medical capability which includes, among other capabilities, basic secondary health care built around primary surgery; intensive care unit; ward beds; and limited x-ray, laboratory and dental support. The EPF’s catamaran design provides inherent stability to perform underway medical procedures in the ship’s operating suite. Enhanced capabilities to support V-22 flight operations and launch and recover 11 meter Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats complement the ship’s medical facilities. These Flight II upgrades along with EPF’s speed, maneuverability and shallow water access are key enablers for mission support of future Distributed Maritime Operations and Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations around the world. Flight II retains the capability of the Flight I to support other missions including core logistics missions.

EPF 16 is one of three EPF Flight II ships under construction at Austal USA.  EPF Flight II ships will augment the future Expeditionary Medical Ships which will be capable of comprehensive, multidisciplinary hospital operations.

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